Grilled Gnummareddhi

Typical ancient speciality. Lamb meat rolls made with high quality meat from a conscious farm, spices and “Fifth Quarter”.

18 €


Swordfish wraps with smoked scamorza cheese, roasted aubregins cream

Swordfish wraps are thin slices of high-quality swordfish from Mazara del Vallo, stuffed with smoked scamorza, served with a roasted aubregins cream, with mint from our garden.

20 €

Allergens: 4,7,12

Pork fillet, cooked at low temperature in fig sauce, marinated cabbage and black sesame

Made with high quality meat from a conscious farm. Cooked at low temperature and flavoured with wild myrtle and bay leaf. Combined with a fig sauce made with fresh figs from our land and marinated cabbage that gives freshness and crispness. The taste is slightly sweet and sour.

22 €

Allergens: 8

Puglia bombette with Salento meloncella salad

Puglia’s bombette are grilled and made with pork capocollo coming from a controlled breeding. We propose two different versions, the first one with homemade speck and creamy cow’s cheese, the second one with mortadella, scamorza cheese fondue and roasted aubergine cream with beetroot breading. They are accompanied by diced Salento Meloncella (a type of vegetable with a taste combining those of melon and cucumber).

18 €

Allergeni: 1,7

Monkfish, cherry tomatoes, celline olives, Racale caper and fresh basil

The fish slice is cooked in a vacuum at low temperature and in purified sea water. The vacuum cooking preserves all the flavor and nutritional values of the fish, the use of sea water gives a special taste and makes the dish low-sodium.

20 €

Allergens: 4

* Some products could be frozen at the origin or subjected to on-site treatment. For more detailed informations please ask the staff.