Orecchiette with turnip tops, toast breadcrumbs, dried chilli pepper

Fresh homemade traditional pasta made with semolina flour, sautéed turpin top, garlic and chilli pepper. The toast breadcrumbs is flavoured with fresh bay leaves.

16 €

VEGETARIAN | VEGAN | Allergens: 1


Spaghettone with saffron potato cream, Parmesan cheese and crispy Martina Franca capocollo

Fresh homemade pasta with semolina flour, a delicate potatoes cream made with flavored local potatoes. Martina Franca capocollo gives crispness and flavor to the dish.

18 €

Allergeni: 1,7,3

Orecchiette with fresh tomato sauce, burrata cheese cream and basil oil

Fresh homemade traditional pasta with semolina flour. The tomato sauce is made with San Marzano tomatoes, cooked with onion, basil and then passed by hand to remove peels and seeds. The burrata cheese cream is made with craft-made burrata cheese, seasoned with basil oil and pepper.

16 €

VEGETARIAN | Allergens: 1,7

Cavatelli, monkfish, basil

The monkfish is filleted and its pulp cooked in fresh tomato sauce, flavored with basil. It’s the perfect dressing for our homemade cavatelli.

19 €

Allergens: 1,4

Spaghettone with red beet cream, mint and Caciocavallo fondue aged in caves

A colourful and tasty dish that combines the sweetness of red beet with the strong taste of the cave-aged caciocavallo. Before being tasted the ingredients must be well mixed.

16 €

VEGETARIAN | Allergeni: 1,7,3

Spaghetti with zucchini, cherry tomato, goat ricotta cheese cream

The spaghetti are made entirely with zucchini cut in order to recreate the shape of spaghetti and sautéed with cherry tomatoes and basil. Served on a cream of goat cheese’’

15 €

Allergens: 1,7

* Some products could be frozen at the origin or subjected to on-site treatment. For more detailed informations please ask the staff.